Aircraft Appraisals

Wes_Pace_aircraft_appraisals_26Certified Appraisals

When doing a certified USPAP appraisal, it is much more than doing a “look-see”. USPAP is the gold standard accepted by the IRS, government agencies, courts, and financial institutions. It is nice to review an Aircraft using the Blue Book or VREF, but the a certified appraisal by Wes Pace is much more. Those values give just a thumbnail look at a range of value…when doing an appraisal we inspect the aircraft personally and evaluate all of the pertinent information including the log books, damage history, total time on the air frame, power plant history and time, avionics, paint, interior, and market forces. Wes has been involved in Aviation since 1964, has a deep understanding of the valuation process and the ability to research and determine the requested value of virtually any aircraft. Recent appraisals include Gulfstream G200, Citation V, Falcon 50, Lear 55, Piper Jetprop, Cessna 414, Piper PA-32 and PA-28 and many more. Cost is established prior to beginning the appraisal process. Please contact Wes if you need an appraisal or quote.

Desktop Appraisals

Unlike a Certified Appraisal, the Desktop appraisal is not USPAP compliant. The appraisal is done using information supplied by the owner or agent. The research is very much the same, however, a visit to actually inspect the aircraft is not required. This appraisal is excellent when establishing a value for insurance or basic estate valuation. Cost is less than the cost of a certified appraisal.

If you have aviation assets to sell, appraise or need a competent broker, Wes is your answer. He has almost 50 years involvement in the industry and can get your problem solved. He logged his first flight hours in 1964 with Civil Air Patrol and continues his involvement in the industry today. He has been DSO for Aviation for the Coast Guard Auxiliary; he is a member of the Quiet Birdmen, one of America’s oldest flying associations, serving as past chapter Governor and Key Man. His experience and contacts are unequaled.